About us

Versatile, traditional and modern...

Happy Bavarians are a Bavarian band from Munich known through radio and television. They can perform in any constellation, from 1 up to 20 artists.

Our possibilities are almost limitless...

Whether you are looking for an Oktoberfestband for a big event, a Bavarian band to perform unplugged with traditional and modern show acts for your company party or a modern party band for a special occasion... we will provide you with an all-round carefree ENTERTAINMENT package.

Over 40 years of experience in music and show business worldwide...

With more than 200 shows a year, Happy Bavarians perform on stages everywhere around the world, ensuring that people of all ages can enjoy their wide-ranging, international program.

The band performs Bavarian and folk hits, Oktoberfest music, international dance music, German pop songs, oldies, rock and pop music as well as modern party music, leaving no wish unfulfilled.

Happy Bavarians also offer unique and spectacular traditional Bavarian shows with alphorns, cowbells, whips, flying trumpets as well as traditional and modern Schuhplattlers and so much more. Your guests will guaranteed have an amazing time, especially when our "Buam" and "Madl’n" invite your guests to join them on stage to perform the famous Oktoberfest dances.

We offer our clients an unforgettable experience, combining Bavarian tradition, folklore and a good time. Take a look at our worldwide reference list.

There is no such thing as “going too far” for Happy Bavarians. They can be on water, on land and in the air and will always be looking forward to performing for you and your guests, anywhere in the world.